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7 Student Accommodations in Stoke On Trent


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Hassells Bridge Apartments

Newcastle Under Lyme, ST5 1BF
1.9 miles away
arrow 3 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  CCTV  Common Room  Laundry  En-suite  Freezer  Satellite/Cable TV  On Site Maintenance  Heating  All Bills Included

From £112/ per week

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Keele House

Newcastle Under Lyme, ST5 1LD
2.1 miles away
arrow 1 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  Broadband  CCTV  Common Room  Laundry  En-suite  Gym  Kitchen  Freezer  On Site Maintenance

Lomax Halls

Stoke on Trent, ST4 1NL
0.3 miles away
 Wifi  Bike Storage  CCTV  Onsite Security  Common Room  Laundry  Gym  Cinema  All Bills Included  Games room  Study Zone

College Court

Stoke on Trent, ST1 4NE
0.9 miles away
arrow 2 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  CCTV  Common Room  Secure Door Entry  Laundry  All Bills Included  Content Insurance  Outdoor Courtyard  Large beds


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One London Road

Newcastle Under Lyme, ST5 1LZ
1.8 miles away
arrow 4 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  Common Room  Laundry  En-suite  Gym  Satellite/Cable TV  Outdoor area  All Bills Included


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Orme House

Newcastle Under Lyme, ST5 2FB
3.0 miles away
arrow 1 Offers  Wifi  Car Parking  Common Room  Laundry  En-suite  Gym  All Bills Included  Study Zone


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Q Studios

Stoke on Trent, ST4 7DQ
0.5 miles away
arrow 3 Offers  Wifi  Common Room  Laundry  Gym  Outdoor area  Content Insurance  Games room


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Know More About Student Life in Stoke On Trent

Life of a Student in Stoke on Trent:

Students love living in Stoke on Trent and the city provides them with plenty of reasons to do so! Apart from high-ranking universities, it’s a thriving town to spend your university years! If you’re after some peace, without giving up on the student life experience, Stoke on Trent is an ideal place for you. It offers a high quality of life to its residents and is pretty economical too! The locals are a friendly bunch that likes to have fun and are ever ready to lend a helping hand. However, don’t get too surprised when they refer to you as ‘duck’, that’s what they call each other here! The student community here is diverse, with people coming from all over the world, so you won’t feel left out in any manner!

When you’re in the mood to shop, Stoke on Trent has many independent boutiques and retail stores to fall back on. For your high street shopping fix, Stoke on Trent has the Intu Shopping Centre! When you’re done, you can sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee at one of the many cafes in town. The Hive is another cool new space you must head to if you’re looking to have a meal. It is also home to Cineworld, where you’ll be able to watch all the movies you please!

When you’re low on cash, rest assured that you won’t be bored in a thriving city like this one. There are a bunch of activities you can do for free here. If you want to spend some time in the great outdoors, go for a walk alongside the Caldon Canal! It runs through Hanley park that beautifies its route. You’ll find boats sailing up and down the canal too. You can even choose to cycle along the path and soak in its glory.

Getting Around in Stoke on Trent:

Getting around Stroke on Trent is pretty simple. It’s a town well connected by public transport. So, you won’t face any issues when you want to get from one place to another. The town has an excellent bus network, which can get you around the town. Buses to the city centre are frequent and come every two minutes.

Stoke on Trent is a compact city, so you can easily find your way around it. To skip the traffic and enjoy the pleasant routes, walking around the city is recommended. Stoke on Trent is a great place to explore by bicycle. The city prides itself on having excellent bicycle routes spread across. It’s a great way to get to know the city and take a detailed look at it.

When you want to head to the city, Stoke on Trent has excellent transport links too. It’s well- connected to major cities, in case you may need to visit. The University campus is located right next to the train station, so it gets easier for you to travel too.

Why Book Your Student Accommodation in Stoke on Trent with Best Student Halls?

Here are all the reasons you should choose Best Student Halls as your student accommodation Stoke on Trent:

At Best Student Halls, we provide multiple student accommodation facilities in Stoke on Trent. All our student halls are in proximity to universities. They can all be reached via a few minute's walk or a short bus ride. At Best Student Halls, you will not be confined to your room. With facilities like gyms, outdoor spaces and lounge areas, you can stay fit and have a good time simultaneously. All these are inclusive of your weekly rent! Apart from this, we also provide you with free services.

Furthermore, our websites frequently run discounts and cashback. Explore exciting offers like getting rent credit by referring a friend and ‘No Visa, no pay policy’ can further reduce your cost. What’s not to like?

Frequently Asked Questions

Booking your student accommodation in Stoke on Trent is amongst the simpler things you will do after getting accepted into university. When you find the right accommodation after browsing through the accommodation options on our website, you can select and pay through your preferred mode. You simply place a request on beststudenthalls.com. Our sales team would get in touch with you instantly to help you book it.

Stoke on Trent student accommodation prices vary, depending upon the area you’re staying in and the facilities it has to offer. The average rent per week in Stoke on Trent would be around £115. The proximity to a university is also another factor determining the rent.

All of Stoke on Trent is a student-friendly place, so you will have a great time, no matter where you live. However, we do have our accommodation in the finest areas for students to live in Stoke on Trent. Q Studios is one such student accommodation Stoke on Trent you will like.

Typically, Stoke on Trent offers a September and a January intake. For better availability and cheaper rates for the September intake, try booking your student accommodation Stoke on Trent in May/June. Although, you must keep checking the website 4-6 months before leaving to stay updated with the offers and discounts on student halls.  

The lowest rent you can go with any student halls Stoke on Trent would be anywhere between £ 110 per week. Lomax Halls is one of such affordable options at Best Student Halls.

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