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Nottingham, NG1 5HD
0.1 miles away
 Wifi  Bike Storage  CCTV  Onsite Security  Secure Door Entry  Laundry  Gym  On Site Maintenance  Cinema  All Bills Included  Karaoke Room

Clarendon Street

Nottingham, NG1 5NT
0.1 miles away
arrow 1 Offers  Wifi  Common Room  Laundry  Gym  Cinema  All Bills Included  Social Events  Study Zone


Nottingham, NG1 5ND
0.3 miles away
arrow 1 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  Common Room  Laundry  On Site Maintenance  Bus Links  Maintenance  Content Insurance  Kitchen cleans  Social Calendar  Flexible payment terms

From £209/ per week

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Triumph House

Nottingham, NG7 2GA
1.1 miles away
arrow 1 Offers  Wifi  CCTV  Onsite Security  Common Room  Laundry  En-suite  Gym  Pool Table  Kitchen  All Bills Included  Parcel receipt

From £204/ per week

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York House Nottingham

Nottingham, NG1 3FS
0.6 miles away
arrow 1 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  Car Parking  Onsite Security  Common Room  Laundry  Gym  On Site Maintenance  Cinema  Content Insurance  Games room

From £199/ per week

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Talbot Street

Nottingham, NG1 5GN
0.1 miles away
 Wifi  Common Room  Laundry  Cinema  All Bills Included  Parcel receipt  Private study room  Cleaning Service Included  24 hour support  Study Zone

From £194/ per week

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Nottingham Two

Nottingham, NG73LP
1.0 miles away
arrow 1 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  Car Parking  Common Room  Laundry  Gym  Kitchen  Satellite/Cable TV  Outdoor area  Maintenance  Content Insurance

From £185/ per week

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Trinity Square

Nottingham, NG1 4BR
0.4 miles away
arrow 1 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  Common Room  Laundry  On Site Maintenance  Outdoor area  Bus Links  Maintenance  Content Insurance  Kitchen cleans  Social Calendar

From £179/ per week

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The Vantage

Nottingham, NG2 1NE
0.7 miles away
arrow 5 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  CCTV  Onsite Security  Common Room  Laundry  Gym  Satellite/Cable TV  On Site Maintenance  Cinema  Private study room

From £175/ per week

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Deakins Place

Nottingham, NG7 3FT
1.0 miles away
arrow 1 Offers  Wifi  Laundry  Gym  Cinema  Content Insurance  On-site Team  24 hour support  Support Staff

iQ Newland House

Nottingham, NG1 6GG
0.3 miles away
arrow 2 Offers  Wifi  Broadband  Common Room  Secure Door Entry  Laundry  En-suite  Gym  Pool Table  Kitchen  Cinema  All Bills Included

From £159/ per week

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Iconinc @ Roomzzz – Nottingham

Nottingham, NG1 5GS
0.2 miles away
arrow 3 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  Broadband  CCTV  Onsite Security  Common Room  Secure Door Entry  Laundry  En-suite  Wheelchair Accessible  Kitchen


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Know More About Student Life in Nottingham

Nottingham is a wonderful city that is centrally located in England. This gives it an edge over other cities by providing better connectivity to the rest of the country. The city is rich in art, history and culture, making it an interesting city for both students and tourists. Nottingham has plenty of museums and art galleries, so you can visit them all when you’re in the mood. Nottingham Castle and Wayne Manor are some of the most iconic places to visit here. The city has students coming in from all parts of the world, so you will become a part of a diverse community here. The cosmopolitan environment created here provides a conducive atmosphere for students to thrive in.

Nottingham is a fun place to live in. The city has been ranked 9th best in the country for students. This vibrant city packs a punch. It has many activities for students to indulge in. One of the best parts about living here is that almost everything is accessible by foot. Nottingham is a pretty green city, with plenty of green spaces and parks scattered around. The Arboretum is the oldest park in the city that deserves a visit. Rumor has it that Neverland from the iconic tales of Peter Pan was inspired by this park. The city is safe for students, so they can have fun night-outs, worry-free! Get yourself a student accommodation Nottingham close to the local universities, giving you easy access to all the places of student interest. Best Student Halls offers some of the best student accommodation in Nottingham with tons of facilities.

Cost of Living for Students in Nottingham / Student Life in Nottingham

Everything including student housing in Nottingham is more affordable than in other cities in the UK. Living in Nottingham is 35% more affordable than choosing to live in the capital city of London. Nottingham is a good choice for students who want to witness the perks of a big city on a budget. Living in student accommodation Nottingham won’t be as expensive as living in the other big cities in the United Kingdom. Student rooms in Nottingham are pretty affordable, so you won’t be breaking the bank. Student flats in Nottingham are close to the universities, so you will not have to spend time commuting.

The locals in Nottingham are a friendly bunch. They welcome students with open arms and are eveready to lend a helping hand when in need. The city of Nottingham is packed with history. For shopping lovers, Nottingham is the place to be. Students will have access to luxurious as well as budget-friendly shopping options. Nottingham is a vibrant city and has plenty of events and festivals happening all through the year. To dive into the local culture of the city, visit the art galleries and museums here. If you’re into modern art, Nottingham Contemporary is one of the country’s largest modern art galleries. Nightlife here is pretty happening too. There’s something for every taste, be it clubs, pubs, bars and more.

Why Book Student Accommodation in Nottingham with Best Student Halls?

Best Student Halls is a leading accommodation provider in the United Kingdom. We help students find their home away from home with us. Our customer executives are always available to help you find the right student flats in Nottingham based on your taste, preference and budget. The final rent of your student rooms in Nottingham will be inclusive of all the bills, so you do not have to worry about incurring additional costs. With facilities like 24*7 CCTV, secure entry door and onsite security, we ensure your safety remains a priority at the student accommodation in Nottingham.

With Best Student Halls, you can find student accommodation Nottingham that is budget-friendly and packed with amenities. We offer student halls in Nottingham located in proximity to the universities, saving you the trouble of commuting daily. Early birds are entitled to receive discounts at the student accommodation Nottingham too. We also have many offers and discounts running on our website, so keep an eye out. Other facilities like superfast wifi, indoor laundry and bike storage are also available at your student halls in Nottingham!

University of Nottingham

Founded in 1881, the University of Nottingham is a public research university that finds itself situated in the United Kingdom. It is a part of the prestigious Russell Group and is the 5th largest university in the UK. The university has 4 campuses in the country. It’s one of the oldest universities in the country, so it has managed to create a reputation for itself. The university is known to offer research-led teaching, making it a great experience for the students. Students come in from various parts of the world in hopes of attaining a quality education. It offers students a world-class learning environment where they are seen thriving in their fields. The courses offered here are unique and cater to various fields of study. It is a popular choice for students due to the cosmopolitan atmosphere it offers and is also budget-friendly. There are plenty of student accommodation Nottingham options available in and around the city too. Student housing in Nottingham is affordable and come packed with modern amenities.

Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham Trent University is a public research university and is one of the most prominent universities in the United Kingdom.  It can trace its roots way back to 1843, where it started as the Nottingham Government School of Design. The university offers a host of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, many of which are unique. The university has a reputation for offering more specialised courses too. With students flocking to study here from all parts of the world, it has managed to create a diverse community of students. Thus, a cosmopolitan atmosphere is created within the campus, making it easier for students to settle in. Students enjoy their time learning, growing and having fun here. It also has a high student satisfaction rate. The university also boasts of offering excellent teaching that is at par with the university standards. It helps students develop and enhance the skills that are required in the real world! You’ll find plenty of student accommodation Nottingham options around the campus, keeping you closer to the university. Student housing in Nottingham comes with plenty of facilities too, so choose your pick.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are living in times of uncertainty, which pushes us to make situation-based decisions. In case of a cancellation on your student accommodation Nottingham, it would depend from property to property as it is dealt with on a case by case basis. However, we will do our best to avoid any inconvenience on your end.

Nottingham is a student-friendly city, so all the places here are good for student living. Student accommodation Nottingham at Best Student Halls are present close to the local universities, to make life easier for students. In Nottingham, Huntingdon Street, Station Street and Talbot Street are amongst the student favourite places to live in. You can book your student rooms in Nottingham with Best Student Halls and get to experience everything the city has to offer.

Booking your Nottingham student accommodation 6 months prior to moving in is considered ideal. It is advisable to book your student housing in Nottingham as early as you can to avail of our early bird discounts. Usually, the best rooms are the fastest to sell out. So, if you want your student accommodation in Nottingham to match your taste, hurry up! Depending on the availability, you can also book it at the last minute, but it’s a gamble.

Starting from September 2022, the length of standard contracts of student accommodation Nottingham would be 44-51 weeks.

It’s always nice to have a look at the property you’re going to be moving into. Most student accommodation Nottingham allow video viewing of the rooms. A VR tour of your Nottingham student accommodation will help you get a better idea of where you’re going to be living.

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