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About Halls

Arbury Court is a vibrant property that sits on Kingston Road in Kingston Upon Thames. It is surrounded by the lively Kingston Town Centre that makes it perfect for students to live in. The Arbury Court Kingston student accommodation is designed keeping in mind the needs and wants of a typical student and delivers. All the rooms at Arbury Court Kingston are well-sanitised, feature the latest equipment and offer a safe environment.

You can pick from a variety of ensuite and studio room options, each packed with modern facilities and providing a spectacular view at Arbury Court. The rooms are spacious, with ample storage to accommodate all your belongings. They also allow plenty of sunlight, which is great if you are fond of houseplants. The Arbury Court property comes with a games room and a common room where you and your flatmates can have a nice time bonding with one another. You’ll also find a gym inside, to help you stay at the top of your fitness goals. Broadband and internet services are included in the rent at Arbury Court, letting you dedicate your time to studying without any worries.

There’s a regular shuttle service taking you to Kingston University right at the doorstep of Arbury Court Kingston! So, you don’t have to worry about the commute at all. Shuttles to the City Centre are also frequently running, making it easier for you to go or come back home after shopping or from a party. The safety of students is of utmost importance, which is why the property is under constant CCTV surveillance. Want to know more about the services offered at Arbury Court? Feel free to get in touch with us at Best Student Halls. We are always available to answer your questions and extend help wherever you may need it.

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Property Amenities

Wifi Bike Storage CCTV Common Room Secure Door Entry Laundry Wheelchair Accessible Gym Kitchen Freezer Satellite/Cable TV Vacuum Cleaner On Site Maintenance All Bills Included Outdoor Courtyard Games room On-site Team

Bronze Ensuite

This modern space comes with plenty of storage and study space, an ensuite shower room, and plenty of natural light. In some of our larger apartments, these are ideal if you’re social and like sharing. Bathroom Ensuite Kitchen Shared WiFi 100Mb Utility bills All included Kitchen shared with 3-7 bedrooms Plenty of storage space Large windows for lots of natural light

Move in Sep 02, 2023

Stays 51 weeks

Last Few Rooms

£227 /week

Deposit £88


Silver Ensuite

Our Silver Ensuites are an extremely popular choice, with more floor space and large windows. Bathroom Ensuite Kitchen Shared WiFi 100Mb Utility bills All included Kitchen shared with 3-7 bedrooms Plenty of storage space 2-3m² larger than Bronze Ensuite

Move in Sep 02, 2023

Stays 16 weeks


£253 /week

Deposit £88


Gold Ensuite

Our Gold Ensuites provide even more room still, with lots of floor space, large windows, and you’ll share with fewer flat mates. Bathroom Ensuite Kitchen Shared WiFi 100Mb Utility bills All included Kitchen shared with 3-5 bedrooms Plenty of storage space 2-3m² larger than Silver Ensuite

Move in Sep 02, 2023

Stays 51 weeks


£256 /week

Deposit £88

Move in Sep 02, 2023

Stays 45 weeks


£262 /week

Deposit £88

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Platinum Ensuite

Our Platinum Ensuites are the best of the best, and offer the largest bedrooms, in the building. These are the best choice if you want the additional room space – but don’t want to give up the chance to share the experience with some awesome flatmates! Bathroom Ensuite Kitchen Shared WiFi 100Mb Utility bills All included Kitchen shared with 3-5 bedrooms Plenty of storage space 2-3m² larger than Gold Ensuite

Move in Sep 02, 2023

Stays 51 weeks


£266 /week

Deposit £88

Move in Sep 02, 2023

Stays 17 weeks


£274 /week

Deposit £88

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Cancellation Policy

Due to the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, we recognise there is a lot of uncertainty for students. At aparto we are committed to being as flexible as possible. If you book your September 2021 accommodation now, we will allow you to cancel your booking before 31st May without penalty.

Cancellation before you move in:

To confirm your application and booking, you need to read and sign the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (the “AST”)

An advanced rent payment of up to one week’s rent is required when booking. When you move in, this money will transfer to your rent account, provided that you have met the terms in the Agreement. 

Once you have signed your AST and paid your advanced rent payment online you are agreeing to take up your place within the accommodation and are bound to pay the AST fee in its entirety. Any subsequent request to cancel will require you to find a student to replace you, who is approved by aparto. This carries an administration fee of £100. For guidance on cancelling your booking due to travel and visa restrictions see below.

Online Courses:

If your University decides to complete teaching of your course fully online, the tenancy agreement is still binding, and you are still expected to take up occupancy at the residence. All terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement will still be applicable. We understand that your experience is so important and If your course is moved online aparto will ensure that our experience and events programme will continue where possible in line with government guidance.


Due to the changing nature of travel bans and lockdowns, aparto will review these on an individual basis. Travel for education is considered essential; It is the tenant’s responsibility to organise travel and aparto will not be liable for travel disruption.


If you are denied a visa, please let us know as soon as possible. We can cancel your booking if you have applied for a visa and it has been refused. Please let us know, with evidence within 5 days of your visa being refused.

If you are due to travel and experience issues obtaining a Visa we will try to hold your room for you while your Visa is being processed. Please ensure that you have the correct visa and college/university place before you arrive where necessary.  It is the student’s responsibility to maintain Visa status. If your Visa is delayed you may be responsible for the terms and conditions of the tenancy/license.

The following is applicable to first-year undergraduate and pre sessional post graduate intakes only:

If you are not successful in obtaining your place at your chosen university/college then don’t worry.  We will release from your tenancy and refund any advanced rent payment where you can provide proof that you did not obtain a place at a university/college that is within a reasonable distance from the accommodation booked. You will need to submit your request to cancel by email along with proof within five working days of the confirmation that you have received your place.

If you change your mind

After signing your agreement, the terms and conditions of the agreement, including all payments, are legally enforceable against the tenant. Once you have signed the tenancy agreement you must complete the advanced rent payment set forth in the rent schedule of the agreement. From signing the agreement you have 7 days to complete the guarantor information. In the event that the guarantor does not sign the agreement, the agreement will remain enforceable against the tenant.

If you sign your agreement before 31st May 2021, aparto will allow you to cancel your agreement before this date without penalty. If you sign your agreement after 1st June 2021 aparto will allow a period of 48 hours for you to change your mind. You must let us know in writing by email to the residence inbox if you wish to cancel your tenancy in this timeframe.  

For any refunds, via international bank transfers a fee of £12 will be applied.

Failure to Check In

If you fail to check-in you will remain liable to pay any rent, or other fees associated with the original agreement, and we reserve the right to pursue any sums outstanding in respect of the same.

Where possible, we may remarket your room. Until a new occupant has taken over the agreement and moved in, the tenant will be liable for the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Cancellation after you have moved in:

Once you have moved into the residence, you will only be considered for a tenancy release in exceptional circumstances.

You must have withdrawn from your University or College and provided proof in the form of a withdrawal letter, signed on headed paper from the institution. You must also have a suitable letter from the doctor or medical institution detailing the issue and why it has caused you to University

Tenancy Releases for exceptional circumstances will not be granted where:

  • ou are still at University and have not withdrawn from your course
  • You have chosen to defer for a year for any reason other than above
  • You have left University of your own volition for any other reason, including not attaining correct funding or loan, or suitable grades during the year
  • The University has removed the tenant from your course for, including disciplinary

Once a tenancy release decision has been made, this decision is final and any appeal of this decision will be undertaken using the framework of the aparto complaints policy.

Tenancy Takeover

You may be able to arrange a release by finding someone else to take over your tenancy. Please get in touch and we will provide details of this process. The new tenant must be a student and aparto must approve the new tenant for the tenancy takeover to be valid. 


Do You Need Guarantor?
Without a UK rental guarantor, most landlords and agents will require you to pay the full year’s rent upfront. We have partnered with Housing Hand who can provide you with a certificate of rental guarantee.
However, there some of our student accommodation do not need a UK based guarantor in order for students to pay their rent in instalments, to know more kindly get in touch with our team and we will be happy to assist you with these properties.

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* Please note that additional charges apply for this service.