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Alexandra House

High Wycombe, HP11 2JX
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Know More About Student Life in High Wycombe

High Wycombe is situated in the northwestern part of London, not very far away from central London. If you get the opportunity to live in this area, we are sure that you will be able to appreciate the many places to see and things to do in and around the place. Whether you are going to be living here for a few days or even years, you will be surprised by all that this large market town has to offer.

On the days when you feel like appreciating landscaped gardens and colourful flowers, we suggest that you pay Hughenden Manor a place. This old manor which was once home to Disraeli, offers great history and architecture, having played a part during World War II. Since the place is surrounded by quaint woods, we suggest you keep some time aside for a lovely walk. If you want to take a deep-dive into the area and its history, then there is no better place than the Wycombe Museum. When here, you can look around the exhibits, catch a live play, sit at the cafe and enjoy good food, etc.

People also have a great time in the great greens of West Wycombe Park. This is an excellent place to decompress from packed weeks. You can walk around the place, taking in the scenery or indulge in some photography. The options here are simply great. For all the people interested in performing arts, a visit to the Wycombe Swan Theatre is a must. Here, you can enjoy some truly remarkable performances and indulge in the age-old art of story-telling.

All these places that we have mentioned today, can be accessed easily when you choose to live in student flats in High Wycombe or student halls in High Wycombe. In order to learn more about all the student accommodation High Wycombe options, you can always reach out to us. We will be more than happy to help you.

When living in student halls in High Wycombe, you can expect to spend money on three major areas:        

Cost of Living for Students in High Wycombe / Student Life in High Wycombe

Great student flats in High Wycombe are available for £140 a week. This price includes everything from spacious studios complete with bathrooms, sleeping areas, study areas to facilities like internet, parking, laundry, gyms, etc.    


Since High Wycombe is a large town, we suggest that you look for student housing in High Wycombe near your place of education. That would ensure that you are able to walk to uni on most days. Otherwise, you can expect to spend £5-£10 every time you go to University or work which might bump up your monthly budget considerably.


When you book a student accommodation in High Wycombe that offers ample space and equipment for cooking fresh and healthy meals, it is an act of self care. You are not only saving the hundreds of pounds you would be spending every day on takeaways but you are also taking an important step towards greater health. You can cook fresh and healthy meals every day to keep your health and budget in check!

Why Book Student Accommodation in High Wycombe with Best Student Halls?

We, at Best Student Halls, are a dedicated team of professionals who work relentlessly to navigate the complex student market in the United Kingdom to find the best student accommodation in High Wycombe and in all small and big cities and towns of the United Kingdom. Since our group contains experts in the field of student housing in High Wycombe along with people who know the cities inside and out, our job becomes easier.

With our passionate team that is dedicated to helping students make the most of their student life and finding the best places to live, we try and answer all the queries that you might have during your search for student housing in High Wycombe, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Dublin, you name it and we will have the answers!

The best part about us is that we do not charge the students anything for our services. Our role is to make your journey up to the most suitable student accommodation High Wycombe possible! 

Buckinghamshire New University:

BNU or Buckinghamshire New University is a public university situated in Buckinghamshire, England. Its many campuses are located in Aylesbury, Uxbridge and Great Missenden, including one in High Wycombe. The institute dates as far back as 1891, to the School of Science and Art. It has since changed names several times and today, is known as BNU. It received its university status in the year 2007. Some of the most notable alumni of the campus include Simon Skelt, Rebecca Stephens, Dave Brown, Veronica Carlson and others.

If you have received an invite from Buckinghamshire New University, we would like to congratulate you first of all. Secondly, we would like to urge you to start looking for student accommodation High Wycombe as soon as you receive an offer, even if it is conditional. We say this because some of the best student accommodation High Wycombe options are the first one to be filled. If you are worried about your offer being conditional, you will be relieved to know that most places offer a refund in case you don’t make the cut or get a visa.

For all the questions related to your student accommodation High Wycombe, do reach out to us here. We would be happy to answer any questions that you might have regarding the area, specific student accommodations and more. To learn more about student accommodation High Wycombe and all that it can offer for you, do give yourself the help of an expert and make the experience a more pleasant one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Covid cancellations are available at properties under Best Student Halls. Having said that, no umbrella rule is in place for cancellation and every case is looked at independently when making a decision whether you are eligible for a refund. However, please rest assured that we will do everything in our capacity to eliminate all inconvenience for you. Student accommodation High Wycombe that is safe and secure for everyone is our priority.

Student rooms in High Wycombe can be found in practically each and every neighbourhood of the city. Having said that it is imperative that you find yourself a neighbourhood that answers to your particular demands. Some of the best areas where you can find suitable student accommodation in High Wycombe include Flackwell Heath, Great Kingshill, Cookham et cetera. Student flats in High Wycombe can also be found in Tylers Green, Walters Ash, etc. Knowing what kind of neighbourhood you would want to live in before you book your student halls in High Wycombe is a great way to ensure that you have a pleasant stay.

The best answer for that would be as soon as you find out that you have been offered a seat at a university, even if it is a conditional offer. We say this because the best student accommodation High Wycombe has the tendency to get filled up very quickly, even months before you start your term. When you book your High Wycombe student accommodation ahead of time, you are not only saving a lot of money but will also get truly good accommodations. The best part is, even if your offer does not come through or you plan on choosing another university option, you will be eligible for a full refund! 

The different contracts for student halls in High Wycombe can range anywhere between 44-51 weeks. Having said that, many places offer a more flexible plan where you can choose to stay for a semester or for the entire term. It is recommended to reach out to the property directly and find out about the contract length that you are after and if that would be possible for that particular place. 

Viewing the property before you move into your student accommodation in High Wycombe should not be a problem. In fact, even if you are not in the country or the area, you can still view the place digitally without having to travel too far! The right student accommodation High Wycombe offers all this and much more!

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