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The Stay Club Camden

London, NW1 8AJ
8.7 miles away
arrow 1 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  Broadband  CCTV  Onsite Security  Common Room  Secure Door Entry  Laundry  En-suite  Wheelchair Accessible  Pool Table

From £345/ per week

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Victoria Hall Kings Cross

London, N1C 4DD
9.7 miles away
arrow 1 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  Broadband  CCTV  Onsite Security  Common Room  Secure Door Entry  Vending Machine  Laundry  En-suite  Wheelchair Accessible

From £370/ per week

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iQ Hammersmith

London, W6 7NL
7.8 miles away
arrow 2 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  CCTV  Onsite Security  Common Room  Laundry  Gym  On Site Maintenance  Library/Study Area  Cinema  Bus Links


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Kentish Town Residence

London, NW5 3AN
8.8 miles away
arrow 1 Offers  Wifi  Laundry  Wheelchair Accessible  Gym  Kitchen  Computer Lab  Cinema  All Bills Included


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The Stay Club Colindale

London, NW9 5HR
4.1 miles away
arrow 2 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  Broadband  CCTV  Onsite Security  Common Room  Secure Door Entry  Laundry  En-suite  Wheelchair Accessible  Cash Point


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Prince Consort Village

London, W12 9PL
7.1 miles away
 Wifi  Bike Storage  Onsite Security  Laundry  Wheelchair Accessible  Gym  Cinema  All Bills Included  Content Insurance  24 hour support


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Islington Residence

London, N7 9AW
9.8 miles away
arrow 1 Offers  Wifi  Laundry  Wheelchair Accessible  Gym  Cinema  All Bills Included  Games room  On-site Team  24 hour support  Study Zone


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Fulham Palace Studios

London, W6 9PA
8.5 miles away
arrow 4 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  CCTV  Laundry  En-suite  All Bills Included  Bus Links  Train Links


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Portobello Residence

London, W10 5JY
6.8 miles away
arrow 1 Offers  Wifi  CCTV  Laundry  Wheelchair Accessible  Gym  Library/Study Area  Cinema  All Bills Included


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iQ Sterling Court

London, HA9 0BU
2.9 miles away
arrow 2 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  Broadband  Secure Door Entry  Laundry  En-suite  Kitchen  On Site Maintenance  Heating  All Bills Included  Bus Links


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Highbury Residence

London, N7 9DS
10.0 miles away
 Wifi  Laundry  Wheelchair Accessible  Gym  Cinema


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iQ Haywood House

London, NW6 1RZ
7.0 miles away
arrow 1 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  Onsite Security  Laundry  Gym  Cinema  All Bills Included  In-house housekeeping  Social Events


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Know More About Student Life in Harrow

Sitting in Greater London, in the quaint and beautiful suburbs of London, Harrow enjoys the best of natural beauty, excellent architecture and rich history. No matter whether you are in Harrow for a day, a week, a year or permanently, there are numerous things to do and see in the area.

We can begin by exploring the historical and cultural part of the area and visit the museums. They help you give a lot of context, helping you appreciate the place better. The museum is a charming place where you will also find the moated Medieval Manor House! At the house, you can enjoy the many exhibits and learn why the grounds on which the museum is situated is also full of important history and landmarks.

Since the town started as a little hamlet on the top of Harrow Hill, it only makes sense that you visit St Mary’s Church, which was the epicentre of the community for a very long time. Everything from the imposing structure to the surrounding gardens and coloured glass windows is a treat for the eyes and also for your camera’s lens.

For all the sports fans out there, the Hive Stadium in Harrow is a great place to enjoy a thrilling game of Football. If your adrenaline rush asks for something more, then HarroWall Climbing Centre is another great place to relieve your nerves and have a fun time. For the days when you only want to relax, a visit to the Reyansh Ayurvedic Therapy Centre is a great way to unwind.

Apart from these, you will find plenty of chances to play golf; at the Pinner Hill Golf Club, at Playgolf London and also at Putt Crazy! The place also enjoys excellent nightlife with its many clubs, pubs, bars and restaurants that you can visit. On the days you want to explore further, a trip to Central London is only a few minutes!

If you are a student and are thinking of getting student flats in Harrow or booking a place in student halls in Harrow, we would suggest just go for it! It’s an excellent place to live and enjoy a fun-filled ride!

When living in student accommodation Harrow, you get access to many great student halls in Harrow. The question rests on how to calculate what you can afford and what not! That is why we have gathered information about some of the major expenses for students in the area!     

Cost of Living for Students in Harrow / Student Life in Harrow

Student flats in Harrow and its surrounding areas can cost you anywhere between £200 to £450 per week. You can decide to have your own apartment or share your room with other students. You can decide to live near central London or towards the suburbs; all of these factors come together to decide what you would be paying at the end of the day. If you want to have a clearer picture, you should opt for weekly rentals that include all the bills and facilities.


Transportation, especially public transportation, is not an issue when living in Harrow. You are always a small train or bus ride away from everything but if you want to eliminate the cost of travelling entirely, you can find yourself student accommodation in Harrow near your university. By doing so, you save hundreds of pounds every month by simply walking to and from your university.


There are student accommodation in Harrow options that offer fully-equipped kitchens. This allows you to cook meals for yourself at home. When you cook at home, you can manage your entire day for £10 or even less but when you eat out, you end up paying that kind of money for a single meal!

Why Book Student Accommodation in Harrow with Best Student Halls?

We, at Best Student Halls, are a dedicated team of professionals who work relentlessly to navigate the complex student market in the United Kingdom to find the best student accommodation in Harrow and in all small and big cities and towns of the United Kingdom. Since our group contains experts in the field of student housing in Harrow along with people who know the cities inside and out, our job becomes easier.

With our passionate team that is dedicated to helping students make the most of their student life and finding the best places to live, we try and answer all the queries that you might have during your search for student housing in Harrow, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Dublin, you name it and we will have the answers!

The best part about us is that we do not charge the students anything for our services. Our role is to make your journey up to the most suitable student accommodation Harrow possible!

University of Westminster:

The University of Westminster is a public research university based in London, in the United Kingdom and was the first polytechnic to have opened in London. It became the University of Westminster in 1992. The university has several campuses, including the one in Harrow. This is the campus where you will find numerous Media, Arts and Design courses which attract students from all over the. It is also home to London Gallery West where you will find contemporary art, design and media. If you are looking for student accommodation Harrow not very far from the university, you will be spoilt for choices. The real challenge here is to find one that fits your personal preferences and needs.

Harrow School:

This is an English language school based in Harrow. You get access to courses in General English, English Preparation and English for Specific Purposes. Students come here to hone their language skills and open doors to areas they had no access to before. You will also find numerous student accommodation Harrow options surrounding this school as well!

ADC College London:

ADC College London is another major language school in London. Apart from a wide variety of courses in the English language, the place also organises Erasmus and internships in London and Dublin as well. The place also provides teacher training programs. This means that the place offers opportunities to a wide variety of students and thus it should come as no surprise that it has many student accommodation Harrow options in and around the campus.

If you want to learn more about the different colleges or student accommodation Harrow options, then all that you need to do is reach out to us here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Covid cancellations are available at properties under Best Student Halls. Having said that, no umbrella rule is in place for cancellation and every case is looked at independently when making a decision whether you are eligible for a refund. However, please rest assured that we will do everything in our capacity to eliminate all inconvenience for you. Student accommodation Harrow that is safe and secure for everyone is our priority. 

Student rooms in Harrow can be found in practically each and every neighbourhood of the city. Having said that it is imperative that you find yourself a neighbourhood that answers to your particular demands. Some of the best areas where you can find suitable student accommodation in Harrow include Hatch End, Kenton East, Kenton West et cetera. Student flats in Harrow can also be found in Queensbury, Roxeth, etc. Knowing what kind of neighbourhood you would want to live in before you book your student halls in Harrow is a great way to ensure that you have a pleasant stay.

The best answer for that would be as soon as you find out that you have been offered a seat at a university, even if it is a conditional offer. We say this because the best student accommodation Harrow has the tendency to get filled up very quickly, even months before you start your term. When you book your Harrow student accommodation ahead of time, you are not only saving a lot of money but will also get truly good accommodations. The best part is, even if your offer does not come through or you plan on choosing another university option, you will be eligible for a full refund! 

The different contracts for student halls in Harrow can range anywhere between 44-51 weeks. Having said that, many places offer a more flexible plan where you can choose to stay for a semester or for the entire term. It is recommended to reach out to the property directly and find out about the contract length that you are after and if that would be possible for that particular place. 

Viewing the property before you move into your student accommodation in Harrow should not be a problem. In fact, even if you are not in the country or the area, you can still view the place digitally without having to travel too far! The right student accommodation Harrow offers all this and much more!

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