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Longside House

Bradford, BD7 1SA
0.5 miles away
arrow 2 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  Car Parking  Common Room  Laundry  On Site Maintenance  All Bills Included

From £85/ per week

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iQ Arkwright House

Bradford, BD7 1DB
0.3 miles away
arrow 2 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  Broadband  Common Room  Secure Door Entry  Laundry  En-suite  Gym  On Site Maintenance  Library/Study Area  All Bills Included

From £80/ per week

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Horton House

Bradford, BD7 1QG
0.7 miles away
arrow 2 Offers  Wifi  Car Parking  Common Room  Laundry  Gym  On Site Maintenance  All Bills Included

From £78/ per week

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The Green

Bradford, BD7 1BD
0.3 miles away
arrow 4 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  Car Parking  CCTV  Secure Door Entry  En-suite  Heating  All Bills Included  Bus Links  Train Links

From £75/ per week

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Know More About Student Life in Bradford

The city of Bradford offers an ideal combination of small-town living and a truly cosmopolitan feel to its residents. Especially for the students living in Bradford, they get easy access to a major chunk of the city without having to travel too far, still getting plenty of things to see and do. The city is also an eclectic mix of neighbourhoods, from posh high-end places to neighbourhoods thriving with student housing in Bradford; you also will find plenty of Victorian buildings like mills, factories and warehouses, that have now been repurposed to build everything from restaurants to student accommodation in Bradford.

Housed in the old mills are also places of great art; the only way evolution of such places is justified! The Bradford Industrial Museum is housed in a 19th-century mill, quite fitting we might add. Apart from that, the place is also home to The National Science and Media Museum with its focus on film, photography and television. The place also has an IMAX cinema, making it a favourite amongst students living in the neighbouring student accommodation Bradford. Other great places that the city has to offer include Lister Park with its scenic boating lake where people enjoy a break from the hectic city life and Cartwright Hall Art Gallery with its many exhibits.

If you are looking for student accommodation Bradford that offers you the best of the city, then you can start looking for places near these attractions. There are plenty of student halls in Bradford and student flats in Bradford, but the best amongst them are the ones situated in these popular neighbourhoods. Student accommodation in Bradford is amongst some of the best and most affordable in the region!

Cost of Living for Students in Bradford / Student Life in Bradford

Once you have narrowed down the student halls in Bradford that you like, it is important to decide what living in each one of those will cost you.

Student Accommodation: Bradford
When it comes to the cost of student accommodation in Bradford, you will be pleasantly surprised by how pocket-friendly everything is. You will be able to book excellent student flats in Bradford and student halls in Bradford for anywhere around £60 to £100 which seems like a bargain when you compare it to other major cities. Having said that, more affordable housing doesn’t mean that the places will be lacking in anything. You get the best facilities, friendly staff and professional caretaking at all of these. From in-house laundries, high-speed Internet and plenty of common areas, living in Bradford is as pleasant as it gets.

Many students prefer to walk or cycle around the city. This is more realistic when you are living comfortably close to the university. This means that you will be spending next to nothing on your daily commute with the right Bradford student accommodation. If this is not a possibility, choosing student housing in Bradford that allows you to use public transport with ease is a great move. Depending on how far you live, you can expect to spend anywhere between £10 to £50 for your weekly commute.

Most good student rooms in Bradford offer large communal kitchens that come equipped with everything that you would expect in a kitchen. Some go as far as offering private kitchenettes to the students, giving them the freedom to cook within their units. If you are living in such a student accommodation in Bradford, then you can expect to spend £10 per day on your food, given that you prepare fresh and healthy meals at home rather than eating out. When eating out, your budget can get washed up, if you are not careful.

Why Book Student Accommodation in Bradford with Best Student Halls?

We, at Best Student Halls, are a dedicated team of professionals who work relentlessly to navigate the complex student market in the United Kingdom to find the best student accommodation in Bradford and in all small and big cities and towns of the United Kingdom. Since our group contains experts in the field of student housing in Bradford along with people who know the cities inside and out, our job becomes easier.

With our passionate team that is dedicated to helping students make the most of their student life and finding the best places to live, we try and answer all the queries that you might have during your search for student housing in Bradford, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Dublin, you name it and we will have the answers!

The best part about us is that we do not charge the students anything for our services. Our role is to make your journey up to the most suitable student accommodation Bradford possible!

University of Bradford:

University of Bradford is a public research university of great repute. The roots of the establishment can be traced as far back as the 1830s when it was a mechanics institute. It became a university in 1966, making it the 40th university in Britain. Today, it is home to around 10,000 students who live in the many student accommodation Bradford options, available on and off-campus. If you are a student who has received an invite from the university and are looking for student accommodation Bradford off-campus, then you will find all relevant information here. When it comes to student accommodation, Bradford offers plenty of places around the university, which include student halls, flats, houses, dormitories and much more. You can make your choice depending on what suits you the best. Because of the University, there are many areas that have dedicated themselves almost exclusively to student accommodation Bradford. Student’s love living in these neighbourhoods, since they offer close proximity not only to the university but also to the many facilities and places for socialising like clubs, pubs, restaurants, cafés and more. When looking for student accommodation in Bradford, sticking close to the university is always a good option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Covid cancellations are available at properties under Best Student Halls. Having said that, no umbrella rule is in place for cancellation and every case is looked at independently when making a decision whether you are eligible for a refund. However, please rest assured that we will do everything in our capacity to eliminate all inconvenience for you. Student Accommodation Bradford that is safe and secure for everyone is our priority.

Student rooms in Bradford can be found in practically each and every neighbourhood of the city. Having said that it is imperative that you find yourself a neighbourhood that answers to your particular demands. Some of the best areas where you can find suitable student accommodation in Bradford include Shipley, Keighley, Bradford South, et cetera. Student flats in Bradford can also be found in Bradford east and Greengates. Knowing what kind of neighbourhood you would want to live in before you book your student halls in Bradford is a great way to ensure that you have a pleasant stay.

The best answer for that would be as soon as you find out that you have been offered a seat at a university, even if it is a conditional offer. We say this because the best student accommodation Bradford has the tendency to get filled up very quickly, even months before you start your term. When you book your Bradford student accommodation ahead of time, you are not only saving a lot of money but will also get truly good accommodations. The best part is, even if your offer does not come through or you plan on choosing another university option, you will be eligible for a full refund!

The different contracts for student halls in Bradford can range anywhere between 44-51 weeks. Having said that, many places offer a more flexible plan where you can choose to stay for a semester or for the entire term. It is recommended to reach out to the property directly and find out about the contract length that you are after and if that would be possible for that particular place.

Viewing the property before you move into your student accommodation in Bradford should not be a problem. In fact, even if you are not in the country or the area, you can still view the place digitally without having to travel too far! The right student accommodation Bradford offers all this and much more!

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