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The Depot Bath

Bath, BA2 3GF
0.7 miles away
arrow 2 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  Common Room  Laundry  Satellite/Cable TV  Content Insurance  Social Calendar  Flexible payment terms  Stay for summer  Parcel receipt  Outdoor Courtyard

From £299/ per week

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iQ Twerton Mill

Bath, BA2 1HB
1.5 miles away
arrow 2 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  CCTV  Onsite Security  Common Room  Secure Door Entry  Laundry


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Avon Studios

Bath, BA1 3BZ
0.8 miles away
arrow 4 Offers  Wifi  Broadband  CCTV  Common Room  Vending Machine  Laundry  Pool Table  All Bills Included  Content Insurance  Outdoor Courtyard  Private study room


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Student Castle Bath

Bath, BA2 4EZ
0.3 miles away
 Wifi  Common Room  Secure Door Entry  Laundry  Gym  On Site Maintenance  Free bike hire and storage  Games room


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Centurion House

Bath, BA2 4FE
0.3 miles away
arrow 1 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  CCTV  Common Room  Laundry  En-suite  Outdoor area  Library/Study Area  Games room  24 hour support  Garden


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Know More About Student Life in Bath

Bath is a charming city and no matter where you decide to find student housing in Bath, we are sure that you will be able to enjoy your stay here! The place is bustling with art, culture, history, architecture and much more! It is home to some of the finest buildings in the world that range from The Roman Baths to The Royal Crescent Hotel! It is also the same place where you will find theatres like Theatre Royal Bath! Every street in and around Bath presents a whole set of history leading back thousands of years! Not only the past, but Bath also celebrates the future and that is why you will also find yourself immersed in contemporary thermal springs like the ones at Thermae Bath Spa!

Another interesting aspect of Bath that attracts people from different parts of the globe is its rich food culture. Everything from festivals, pop-pups, old restaurants, pubs and diners in Bath celebrate food. You have streets upon streets dedicated to regional cuisines from across the globe prepared authentically, providing you with a taste of the world without having to leave the city! Actually, you can enjoy a lot of it at student accommodation Bath without even having to leave the building.

Since Bath is also a major student city, you will find unique student accommodation; Bath does not disappoint in any quarter! You will find students living in old Victorian buildings that have been turned into student housing in Bath and also students living in futuristic pods and also in ferries on the canals! Students and young professionals also make the nightlife in Bath a particularly vibrant one! There is no day of the week, or of the year when you will find a dearth of things to do or see, be it the day or the night!

You can spend your free time in one of the many parks in and around the city, visit the museums and art galleries, catch a play, eat at one of the thousands of eateries, visit the national parks or enjoy walks on the surrounding hills! Living at student accommodation Bath is a true gift!


Why Book Student Accommodation in Bath with Best Student Halls


We, at Best Student Halls, are a dedicated team of professionals who work relentlessly to navigate the complex student market in the United Kingdom to find the best student accommodation in Bath and in all small and big cities and towns of the United Kingdom. Since our group contains experts in the field of student housing along with people who know the cities inside and out, our job becomes easier.

With our passionate team that is dedicated to helping students make the most of their student life and finding the best places to live, we try and answer all the queries that you might have during your search for student housing in Bath, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Dublin, you name it and we will have the answers!

The best part about us is that we do not charge the students anything for our services. Our role is to make your journey up to the most suitable student accommodation Bath possible!

There are various student homes in Bath ranging from ensuites (private bedroom and a private bathroom) to non-ensuites (private bedroom and a shared bathroom) and also studios (completely private living space) which offer a much personal experience of living. These options come along with fully furnished rooms which makes life easier for students looking for student housing in Bath. Ensuites tend to be the most affordable option, while non-ensuites are on the lower end and studios are on the higher end, in terms of costing. Student rooms in Bath can be acquired for a minimum of 12 weeks to a maximum of 51 weeks depending on the availability and time of the year that you are looking for.

Student housing in Bath is usually occupied by a mix of students from all over the world which makes it easier for fellow students to connect and build a network of their own for their time in Bath. It is imperative to be aware and well-informed about student housing in Bath for any student who is critically considering going ahead with their academic careers in Bath. Student homes in Bath can be looked into and booked around 4-6 months prior to the actual move-in date for students, as the nearer the move-in date gets, the sooner student accommodations in Bath start getting booked.

University of Bath
The University of Bath is a public research university situated in the city of Bath in Somerset, England. People from all across the world come here to get a top-notch education in management and technology and only the select few are able to get a chance to live out their dreams. The whole area of Bath is a tourist hotspot, thanks to the many world-class tourist attractions, including museums, hotels, baths, etc. found here. Having said that, what you will also find here in abundance is student accommodation Bath, making the area lively and bustling.

Bath Spa University
Bath Spa University is one of the top universities not only in Bath but also in the entire region of Somerset. It sits at a prime location, only a minutes’ walk from the many attractions of Bath. The university has produced some of the most excellent humanitarians and lawyers and therefore attracts people from all across the globe. Therefore, it is only natural that you will find plenty of top-of-the-line student flats in Bath in and around the university.

Bath College
Bath College is one of the most popular colleges of Bath and is situated within walking distance to the famous Roman Baths, The Royal Crescent and the local railway station. The neighbourhood has some of the best student accommodation in Bath which offers access to all of the above and more!

Phone and Internet Bills - £34 to £42 per month

Intercity transport and conveyance - £70 to £100 per month

Utilities (electricity and gas) - £180 to £220 per month

Lunch and Dinner at an inexpensive restaurant or take outs - £15 to £20 per meal 

Lunch and Dinner at a mid-range restaurant - £50 to £60 per meal

Entertainment - £40 to £50

Clothing - £150 to £200 per month

Groceries - £60 to £100 per month

Student accommodation in Bath is well connected in terms of local transport like bus stations and trains which makes it convenient for students, if you are comfortable with river conveyance that can also be an option for you, using the canal links. For students who are put up in student houses in Bath, city buses offer a very realistic and easy gateway to daily conveyance which is pocket friendly as well. 

A few bus carriers that students prefer are National Express and Faresaver buses. Students living in Bath can make optimum use of the Bath Spa railway station as it is considered as the most important transport hub in the area. Student living in Bath is very functional and comparatively easier than other cities in the UK considering the cost of conveyance throughout the city.

The Roman Baths
The Romans built baths during their times which were considered sacred and also believed that taking a dip in them made the ill feel better. The Roman Baths are an exquisite part of Bath history and worth the visit for anyone in and around the vicinity. 

Bath Abbey Tower
Built by Sir George Gilbert Scott, the Abbey Towers offer a breathtaking view over the whole of Bath. You can experience the Victorian gothic interiors at this church and also have a tour of it which will give you an insight into the rich history these towers have to offer.

Thermae Bath Spa
Knowing that you cannot swim in the Roman baths anymore, you can always take a dip at the Thermae Bath spa which offers the same natural hot spring water experience. You can have a 360 degree view of the city from the roof-top pools at Thermae Bath Spa. 

The Museum of Bath Architecture
This museum offers an insight and a better understanding of the style of architecture followed in the early days at Bath. Most of it is Georgian architecture, it is a stunning view which takes you back to the historic days at Bath. 

The Herschel Museum of Astronomy
Located in a townhouse that was originally occupied by William Herschel and his sister Caroline, the Herschel museum of astronomy gives you an all new perspective of understanding and experiencing the adventures of William Herschel and his sister Caroline into the world of Astronomy.

Student life in Bath is very interesting as there is always something to do with a group of friends or even if you decide to go solo. From sporting events to concerts and carnivals, Bath has it all. With the rich history that Bath has to offer and the dynamic modern culture that it has now evolved into, students will always be able to find a way to have some fun with their friends in the city. Student life in Bath is very immersive and free flowing as you can have day trips to museums, spend the evening at a great spot and end the day at a local pub or restaurant.

The city offers a number of activities to be done during the day as well as during the nights. It is easier for students living in designated student accommodation in Bath as they are surrounded with fellow students, which helps them connect easily and also plan such activities together. Planning social events and cultural gatherings creates a homely atmosphere for students who are far away from their homeland. Bath offers a wide variety of things to do in and around the area itself. Living in Bath as a student is a beautiful experience in itself and will only be enhanced with time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Covid cancellations are available at properties under Best Student Halls. Having said that, no umbrella rule is in place for cancellation and every case is looked at independently when making a decision whether you are eligible for a refund. However, please rest assured that we will do everything in our capacity to eliminate all inconvenience for you when looking for student accommodation Bath.

Although the entire city welcomes students in the thousands and you will find excellent student accommodation Bath, no matter where you go, there are still a few places that students prefer living in as compared to the others. Some of the best student rooms in Bath can be found in areas in and around the Roman Baths. If you are trying to save money and still stay close to the central part of town, then Combe Down is another great area to find your student halls in Bath. Another great area that attracts many students and has numerous student flats in Bath is the Weston area and its surroundings.

The best answer for that would be as soon as you find out that you have been offered a seat at a university, even if it is a conditional offer. We say this because the best student accommodation Bath has the tendency to get filled up very quickly, even months before you start your term. When you book your Bath student accommodation ahead of time, you are not only saving a lot of money but will also get truly good accommodations. The best part is, even if your offer does not come through or you plan on choosing another university option, you will be eligible for a full refund!

The standard contract lengths for contracts on student accommodation Bath are anywhere between 44-51 weeks. However, students can also opt for shorter contracts that might last up to a semester or a term in the bigger cities. Since these are so varied, it is advisable to research the particular student halls in Bath that you are interested in.

Yes, you can definitely see your student accommodation in Bath before you move in. The best part is that several of these student halls in Bath offer digital viewings for the students who cannot make it to the actual property for some reason.

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